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Hot Pockets Joins Forces With Food Trucks, Redefines Freezer Food Aisle

Hot Pockets Joins Forces With Food Trucks, Redefines Freezer Food Aisle

The frozen food giant has teamed up with food trucks to create a new, unique line of delicious frozen food options

Now your freezer can fulfill that food-truck craving.

Frozen food is one of the last bastions of twentieth century America: Even the words “frozen food” conjure images of families huddled around a rabbit-eared television as Mom and Dad grab containers out of the microwave that are about as appealing as any of these pretty gross fares.

However, Hot Pockets is out to change that. The famous frozen food producer has teamed up with food trucks from Los Angeles and Chicago — namely, Komodo, The Lobos Truck, Baby’s Burgers and Toasty Cheese Mobile Eatery — to bring that amazing food-truck taste to people’s freezers.

In the release of the product, John Carmichael, president of the Nestlé Pizza & Snacking Division noted the importance of consumers’ evolving tastebuds in the creation of this line: "Based on the explosion of these trends and the popularity of mobile eating, we wanted to give consumers a delicious and creative new product that brings food truck cuisine to life in their own kitchens."

It is undoubtedly encouraging to see the frozen food industry, spurred by its consumer base, make changes. The new offerings don’t sound bad, either. Each package will feature the food truck’s creation story and promises of 100 percent real cheese and no artificial flavors.

Hot Pockets Food Truck Bites will be available in four varieties: Triple Cheesy Bacon Melt Bites, Smokin’ Bacon BBQ Recipe Burger Bites, Fiery Jalapeño Lime Chicken Rollers, and Spicy Asian-Style Beef Rollers.

Hot Pockets Food Truck Sandwiches, meanwhile, will be available in two varieties: Fiery Jalapeño Lime Chicken Sandwiches and Spicy Asian-Style Beef Sandwiches.

While frozen food still isn’t a replacement for quickly and easily prepared meals, it’s still nice to see Hot Pockets moving in a healthier, more modern direction.

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