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Chicken legs with ginger

Chicken legs with ginger

Place the thighs in an ovenproof dish, cut them and fill the notches with sliced ​​garlic, ginger and chopped peppers. What's left, we place in the tray, next to the thighs. Season to taste, sprinkle with oil and add water, about 1-2 cups, taking care to fill with hot water along the way, to avoid drying the meat. Put the tray / dish in the oven until the meat is well penetrated.

Meanwhile, we prepare the potatoes. We cut them into cubes, season them and fry them over medium heat, in a pan covered with a lid and without stirring between them. We leave them until they have suffocated enough, after which we remove the lid, in order to eliminate all the excess steam formed. During frying, mix 1-2 times maximum, taking care not to crumble. In this way, the potatoes will get a slightly crispy crust, but will remain soft and fluffy inside.

To arrive: grind the garlic, pass it by adding a tablespoon of oil and salt to taste, until it becomes creamy. Add sour cream and chopped dill, mix and keep cold until serving.

The legs are served hot together with the potato garnish and the garlic sauce next to it. You're welcome!

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