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McDonald’s Introduces New Jalapeño Kicker Sandwiches

McDonald’s Introduces New Jalapeño Kicker Sandwiches

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These 4 sandwiches might be just the start of what’s to come from McDonald’s changing menu

The new Jalapeño Kicker Sandwiches at McDonald's aren't the only changes the chain is making.

Lately, McDonald’s has been revamping their menu with five new items and a change in their dollar menu. No stopping them now; they’re also introducing several Jalapeño Kicker sandwiches, according to Burger Business.

These sandwiches include a Jalapeño Kicker Quarter Pounder, Jalapeño Kicker Premium Chicken, Jalapeño & White Cheddar Cheese McMuffin, and Jalapeño White Cheddar Cheese Biscuit. Yes, it sounds delicious, but here’s the catch: they aren’t available in every McDonald’s just yet.

In Baltimore, Maryland, they were available in the beginning of November. A report described the sandwiches as “a quarter pounder beef patty or premium chicken with cream cheese sauce, jalapeño pepper jack cheese, crunchy jalapeño crisps, pickled jalapeño slices, farm fresh tomato and a crisp lettuce leaf.”

The other five new menu items include the Bacon Cheddar McChicken, Bacon Buffalo Ranch McChicken, Bacon McDouble, McRib, and Buffalo Ranch Burger. We can also expect more menu changes in the near future. According to Burger Business, McDonalds has experimented with a Dijon Swiss McDouble, Bacon Hot’n Spicy McChicken, McChicken Deluxe, and more.

Hopefully, they all don’t look something like the frozen McRib that we can even admit is a questionable product.


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