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A Great Reason to Wake Up in the Morning: Breakfast Banana Split

A Great Reason to Wake Up in the Morning: Breakfast Banana Split

If a banana split isn't a good enough reason to get out of bed in the morning, I don't know what is! Trust me, I have days when I need all the inspiration in the world to crawl out from under my covers. I've found that making—and then of course enjoying—a breakfast banana split is an excellent reason to get out of bed.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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This is quite simple, and though it sounds decadent, it's really not much different from your typical yogurt cup with fruit. And it's just way more fun!

Mix and match toppings to make whatever you want. The basic recipe is below. I'll create a few fun flavor combinations for you soon. If you make a breakfast banana split, let me know in the comments what toppings you used. I'd love to have some new ideas for those mornings I need even more inspiration to rise and shine.

Breakfast Banana Split1 medium banana 1/2 cup nonfat Greek yogurt, such as Fage3 strawberries, chopped16 dark chocolate chips1 cherry

1. Split banana in half lengthwise. Top with yogurt. Sprinkle with strawberries and chocolate chips. Top with cherry, and serve.

SERVES 1CALORIES 274; FAT 6g (3.5g sat, 0g poly, 0g mono); PROTEIN 14.3g; CARB 47g; FIBER 4g; CHOL 7mg; IRON 8mg; SODIUM 43mg; CALC 13.3mg

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19 High Fiber Breakfasts to Help Meet Your Recommend Intake

If you’ve ever said “I’m not really a breakfast person,” you might be missing out. Breakfast is an ideal opportunity to start the day on solid nutritional footing.

If you’re trying to get more fiber into your diet, for example, breakfast is a great way to do that. Fiber is naturally found in fruits, vegetables, grains, and seeds, according to the latest edition of the USDA Dietary Guidelines.

And why do you need this charming carbohydrate? Well, research has shown that fiber can support gut health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, among many other benefits. Slavin J. (2013). Fiber and prebiotics: Mechanisms and health benefits.

Most adults should be getting somewhere between 22 and 34 grams of fiber per day, yet research shows most of us are falling short. Qualiani D, et al. (2017). Closing America’s fiber intake gap.

To help you meet the daily recommended amount of fiber, we’ve gathered up 19 quick recipes that pack in 5 to 50 grams per serving.

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1. Raw banana cacao smoothie

Cacao powder is the secret source of fiber in this luscious smoothie. One tablespoon has 2 grams of fiber, and this recipe calls for 2 tablespoons. You can do the math.

Whirl it up with other tasty sources of fiber, like banana, dates, almond milk, and almond butter, and you’d swear it isn’t healthy.

2. PB&J smoothie

Frozen strawberries (a sub for jelly) provide about 5 grams of fiber per cup, and peanut butter adds another 3 grams.

As if a whole banana and two hefty spoonfuls of peanut butter weren’t enough, this recipe has some oats and chia seeds too. The result is a portable PB&J with a high fiber count.

3. Triple-berry chia detox smoothie

Share on Pinterest Photo: The Scrumptious Pumpkin

Three kinds of berries pack this six-serving smoothie with fiber. It’ll keep in the fridge for 3 to 4 days, making it easy to start the day with good moral fiber (ha — see what we did there?).

Here’s the lowdown on fiber per cup: Raspberries have 16 grams, blackberries have roughly 8 grams, and strawberries have about 5 grams.

Add two bananas and chia seeds and you’re getting a healthy dose of fiber in one irresistible pink drink.

4. Simple pumpkin spice smoothie

Instead of a pumpkin spice latte, start the day with this fiber-rich smoothie. Thanks to the canned stuff being available year-round, there’s no need to wait until fall.

A cup of pumpkin puree has 7 grams of fiber. And the fiber count grows when pumpkin joins forces with spinach and chia seeds.

Banana Berry Spinach Protein Smoothie

In my experience, I’ve found that the key to maintaining healthy eating goals and resolutions is to master a few fast and easy recipes. Simple and delicious recipes that you can go back to again and again.

Mornings are a busy time – we have children to feed, jobs to get ready for, Facebook and Twitter to check…. oh wait. -)

If I had to pick one healthy breakfast recipe to suggest for busy people without a lot of time in the morning it would, hands down, be my Berry Spinach Protein Smoothie. Don’t get me wrong, I love smoothies of all varieties, but this Berry Spinach Smoothie is the one I’m currently obsessed with and I think you will be too.

You can toss ingredients in the blender the night before, refrigerate overnight and blend with ice in the morning.

Short on time? Throw the entire smoothie in a portable cup and get on with your Facebook reading, I mean busy day. -)

By nature, they take longer to consume which gives the brain the extra time to register fullness. You’ll feel more satisfied and not like a Sad Sally drinking her January green smoothie.

Great use for any fruits or vegetables you have on hand –
frozen berries, oranges, baby kale, frozen peaches, mango, parsley, go crazy!

Low-calorie source of protein and fiber which means you will have lasting energy and won’t be hungry an hour later.

5 Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast Foods You Can Eat Every Day And Not Gain A Pound

Make the most of breakfast by incorporating anti-inflammatory breakfast foods into your diet that will heal your gut, reduce disease-causing inflammation, and keep you on track to meet your weight loss goals.

Here are five anti-inflammatory breakfast foods you can eat every day and not gain a pound.

Breakfast is the first chance you get to feed your body nourishing, protein-rich meals that will provide enough energy to sustain you for hours. Instead of wasting this golden opportunity on refined carbs like waffles, pancakes, processed cereals, and other sweet treats, look to these five anti-inflammatory breakfast foods, which will keep your gut health and weight in check.

This pineapple smoothie recipe is perfect for anyone who never has time to sit for a proper breakfast. In just a few seconds, you&rsquoll whip up a vitamin-rich smoothie that contains a secret weapon called bromelain (thanks to pineapple). Bromelain is a an enzyme that fights inflammation in your body. The addition of turmeric and ginger are equally amazing at combatting inflammation.

Brewed and cooled green tea

A great idea if you&rsquore tired of the same-old oatmeal, chia quinoa porridge recipe has anti-inflammatory ingredients and a wealth of protein, which stabilizes blood sugar levels. It&rsquos also rich in fiber, which will get your digestive system up and running even when you feel like going back to bed for a few more hours.

You won&rsquot even need toast with this dish. Split open an avocado and add a poached or soft-boiled egg, a dash of salt, pepper, and turmeric, and voila, you have a meal that contains omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants that fight inflammation, and enough protein to power you through to lunchtime.

The best thing about morning omelettes is that they provide a chance to get in a percentage of your daily intake of veggies early in the day. Include anti-inflammation leafy greens like kale and spinach, as well as a handful of antioxidant-rich tomatoes, and you&rsquove got yourself one healthy, delicious omelette.

Healthy steel-cut oats meet matcha green tea, an excellent source of antioxidants, in this rich, creamy matcha overnight oats recipe. Prepare this meal before you go to sleep and you&rsquoll wake up to heaven.

The Weekly Meal Plan We Used

On Sunday, I baked some homemade three-ingredient banana-oat muffins to eat for breakfast with some apple or banana on the side. On alternating days, we would have oatmeal with frozen fruit and milk. Any oat-based breakfast helps to keep us full for longer because of the volume of protein.

Lunches most likely fall around plans to include leftovers for dinner from the night before. Leftovers are an easy way to prepare food ahead for busy days and keep costs (and dishes) low. On the off chance that we didn’t have enough leftovers or weren’t keen for whatever we had previously, the backup option would always be yogurt, granola and fruit, with a side of carrots. If we went with yogurt, we would still need a snack before dinner, which would usually come in the form of a smoothie or peanut butter toast (a classic). If you haven’t noticed by now, our family has quite the sweet tooth.

Sunday is another great day to prepare any snacks we might eat throughout the week. The first snack I made after the breakfast muffins were some peanut butter protein balls . Aside from the protein balls, I cut up all of our remaining fruits and vegetables not used for dinners so that they were easy to grab. Apples are best sliced and covered with lemon juice to last, and carrots are another affordable and accessible option to prep. Lastly, an excellent snack for the evenings when you crave something sweet (just me?) is frozen blueberries with a dash of heavy cream.

The time we get most creative and look forward to something a little less obvious is always dinner. During this week, here was our plan for dinners:

This slow cooker meal is, by far, my favorite meal to make for a few reasons. One, it tastes incredible. Two, it’s elementary to make because it’s as simple as throwing the cut up canned and fresh vegetables into a slow cooker. And lastly, it produces a ton of food. I’m talking eight to ten servings with rice and lasts in your fridge for up to three days. Pro-tip: the recipe calls for fresh pineapple, but canned works and tastes just as good.

Tuesday – Meatballs and rice

An easy meal we often reach for is homemade meatballs and brown rice. Not only can you top with any sauce you’d like, but a natural addition to the bowl is also some frozen vegetables with spices. There often isn’t a ton of leftovers, but this week was especially the case as we had only bought enough ground beef to split between the meatballs and lasagna for the following evening.

Wednesday – Homemade lasagna and garlic bread

Although this meal takes a bit more time, it’s always great to make because it comes with leftovers in tow and doesn’t cost a lot to make from scratch. We also aren’t super fun because we only use marble cheese to reduce costs, but trust me, it still tastes fantastic. As for garlic bread, a good piece of toast with garlic salt and butter has never steered me wrong.

Thursday – Breakfast for dinner

One of my favorite meals and a staple for our entire family is breakfast for dinner. Not only is it fast, but it’s also versatile because you can choose so many different versions. Some weeks we do eggs benedict or a sausage bowl, but this week we went for the classic French toast and scrambled eggs with vegetables.

To end the week with even more dairy, we decided to make our favorite macaroni and cheese recipe. Filling and always enough for leftovers, this meal has quickly become one of our top five that we make on rotation every few weeks.

Ultimately, the one way we save money and reduce costs on our food budget is to plan and be willing to stick with one solid rotation of meals for one week at a time. Is it always easy? No. But is it still effective? Absolutely.

If you don’t like leftovers or simple home-cooked meals and aren’t a massive fan of having the same thing for breakfast each morning, it might not work for you. Although, I think we can all agree that a few days of oatmeal is worth the repetitiveness if it means we are saving close to $100 each month on groceries.

We didn’t need to reduce our grocery budget. But the peace of mind in knowing we can find a way to cut costs when times get tough is more than enough of a reason to continue to work with our spending and find solutions that save more money long-term.

Alyssa Davies claims she’s not an expert on personal finance — which is why it’s easy for her to explain financial topics without getting too intense. You can find her on her blog, Mixed Up Money, where she proves money isn’t boring (and that it’s also a little funny). You can also spend all day ranting with her about your finances on Twitter.

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Zingy Lemon Smoothie

Zingy lemon smoothie is the perfect smoothie for a warm day. Quick and easy to make and made with minimal ingredients, you&rsquoll soon be cooling down with this delicious iced lemon smoothie!

Seriously folks, we&rsquove been having some absolutely fantastic weather here in Scotland.

So much so that I&rsquove had to change my recipe schedule to bring you this zingy lemon smoothie earlier than I had it planned for!

My other half and I have been enjoying this lemon smoothie at the weekends and it&rsquos been exactly what we&rsquove needed to cool us down.

We wanted a smoothie that was just as easy to make as my banana boost smoothie but with a lemon hit!

So I put together this lemon smoothie and it&rsquos deliciously cool and creamy tasting. But still extremely light in calories at only 177 per glass!

If you&rsquore after a breakfast smoothie then this zingy lemon smoothie definitely has enough pep to wake you up, in the morning.

However, if it&rsquos just for a refreshing pick me up snack then again this lemon smoothie has what it takes to give you that instant energy boost you need.

Whenever you choose to have your smoothie doesn&rsquot matter.

It&rsquos a bright and delicious addition to your day and of course an excellent way to get a good helping of those vital vitamins and minerals .

Oh, and there was another reason I wanted to bring you this amazing zingy lemon smoothie today, not just because its appropriate for the great weather we&rsquove been having.

You see I also wanted to show you how my Optimum VAC2 Air Vacuum Blender handled the frozen banana that&rsquos in this recipe.

I&rsquove got to confess to you folks that I&rsquove killed quite a few blenders in the past by burning out their motors and I&rsquove usually done that by trying to blitz things like ice, and nuts.

Well I need not have worried at all with this lemon smoothie recipe.

Just as recommended by the company that makes them, in a split second, that blender had all that lovely banana blitzed into delicious cold iced banana helping to chill that zingy lemon smoothie exactly to the right temperature I wanted!

No more ruining any of my lemon smoothies!

There has to come a time in life, in your kitchen, where you get tired of forking out at least once a year for a new blender when it&rsquos one of the most used gadgets in your kitchen!

I no longer do that. The price of this blender has already justified itself many times over.

Checkout my Optimum VAC2 Air Vacuum Blender Review for more details, videos, specifications and special offers for you to purchase this amazing blender!

How To Make This Zingy Lemon Smoothie In 4 Steps

    1. Place all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth.
    2. To sweeten up further add a little more honey.
    3. Serve poured over ice in glasses.
    4. Enjoy!

    For This Zingy Lemon Smoothie Recipe You May Need&hellip.

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    Other Easy Smoothie Recipes You Might Also Like

      is a delicious low-fat low calorie refreshing smoothie. This quick and easy healthy smoothie still tastes wickedly indulgent though!
  1. This raspberry and pear smoothie is packed full of protein, calcium and potassium and it&rsquos really low in calories too. It&rsquos just a perfectly healthy start to your day! will give you that energy boost you need to help wake you up in the morning. Nutritious, delicious and packed full of vitamin C its sure to give you that extra glow!

  2. Basic French Toast

    Easy Homemade Breakfast Sausage

    A little maple syrup in the blend adds a hint of sweetness and helps the patties develop a beautifully caramelized crust. We like to use dark maple syrup, formerly labeled as Grade B, because it has more intense maple flavor than lighter-colored syrup, so you can use less. This recipe makes a big batch but freezes well. Shape into patties before freezing for convenience, so you can use them as needed. While we like them for breakfast, they have enough savoriness that they&rsquod also be great at dinner, served with snow peas, brown rice, and a tamari&ndashrice vinegar dipping sauce.

    What Bread Is Best For Vegan French Toast Casserole

    The cornerstone for this entire casserole is the bread. DO NOT use ordinary sandwich bread. Bread that is too fresh or soft will get all mushy and not cook through very well.

    A hearty day-old loaf like french or sourdough is best. But, my personal favorite is a rustic whole-grain loaf I found at Whole Foods. If your bread is fresh, let it sit out for a day or two so it will dry out.

    If you want to speed up the drying process, cut up your bread, put it on a baking sheet, and place it in a 350˚F oven for 10-15 minutes.

    Banana Bread from Scratch Recipe

    Do you have some bananas on your counter that are too ripe to eat? Well if so then it is time to make this Easy Banana Bread from Scratch recipe or this Simple Banana Cake Recipe.

    My family loves Bananas and it is very rare that we have bananas that get beyond the point of eating…so when we are in the mood for banana bread I have to hide some bananas so they don’t get eaten too soon! Bananas that are black on the outside are perfect for this recipe because they mash up easily and give the banana bread a really wonderful flavor.

    This Banana Bread recipe only makes one loaf but I try and double the recipe whenever I make it so that I can put one loaf in the freezer for a snack or easy breakfast down the road. To freeze it all I do is wrap it in saran wrap, then wrap it in tin foil and then place it in a ziploc bag. Then when I want to eat it I just have to remember to set it out on the counter to defrost.

    Making this Banana Bread from Scratch recipe even better is that there are no eggs or nuts in it so it is perfect for those who have allergies to nuts and eggs.

    Steps to make dalia recipe

    • You can dry roast dal and dalia separately in large quantity. Cool them and store in steel or glass jars. This step is optional but lends a good aroma.
    • Soak them together for at least 1 hour. If your baby has colic i suggest soaking for 2 hours. Soaking helps to cook the dalia soft and baby will like the texture. It also helps to digest better.
    • Drain off the dal and dalia. Add 2 cups fresh water and pressure cook on medium to low flame for 2 whistles.
    • When you open the lid, you will find it gooey. The texture we often feed the babies. If you like to mash it further, you can. But for 2 whistles mine gets cooked very soft.
    • Add salt and stir. You can skip the seasoning and add turmeric, ghee, cumin directly to the cooked dalia. Feed when it comes down to warm temperature. During winters you can also add a pinch of ajwain powder, dry ginger powder (saunt/sonti). Avoid if baby has constipation.
    • I used to feed my toddlers without seasoning. You can make seasoning to the mum&rsquos portion of dalia khichdi.

    For complete baby food chart and recipes, you can check this post on
    baby food chart for 6 months old and this one for
    babies from 8 months.

    Watch the video: How to make Banana Split Cake -THE BEST