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Cake with meringue with rose aroma

Cake with meringue with rose aroma

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Mix the eggs with the sugar until the sugar melts.

Remove the targets and add the flour and vanilla sugar, mixing gently with a spoon.

Wallpaper a form with baking paper, pour the composition into the pan and put in the hot oven.

It is baked when it browns smoky, but we most certainly do the toothpick test.


Caramelize the sugar in a pan with the same diameter as the one in which I baked the top.

Wallpaper the pan with caramelized sugar and let it cool.


Mix the egg whites with the sugar until they become a firm meringue.

We take out the goals.

Add the rose jam and mix gently.

Put the meringue composition in a pan lined with caramelized sugar, put the pan in another pan with hot water and bake for 35 minutes.

The toothpick test is done.

When it is baked, turn off the heat and let it cool in the oven.

We cut the top in two.

We put a part of the countertop on top of the cream and turn the pan over.

We lift the pan and put the second part of the countertop.


In a smaller kettle or pan, melt the chocolate with the butter.

Bring them to the boil, turn off the heat and mix well to mix.

Pour the chocolate over the cake and spread it lightly over the entire surface.

I decorated with a tangerine.

Egyptian cake recipe step by step

How to Make Egyptian Cake? How to make Egyptian cake sheets? How to make creams for Egyptian Cake? What is the original recipe of the Egyptian Cake?

I made this special cake for my birthday Diana, co-author of Savori Urbane. I knew she was a big fan of caramelized nuts and hazelnuts and meringue leaves. With whipped cream she is not such a great friend (as I am, for example) but I hoped she would get over this aspect. Her tastes are reflected in the cakes of the past years, prepared for the anniversaries of her family: Tort Grill with caramelized nuts, Tort Esterhazy, Original Dobos cake or Buturuga cake.

These are actually the cakes I grew up with at home, typically Austro-Hungarian. They are all of a rare finesse! Very balanced and tasty. Of course, over time, we discovered many new cake and cake recipes and expanded our repertoire a lot. I am delighted with Pavlova, entremets or macarons. Diana always prefers a leaven or a homemade cake. We complement each other very well from a culinary point of view, which can also be seen on the blog.

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Meringue cake with mascarpone

Beat the egg whites until stiff with a pinch of salt. Gradually add a tablespoon of sugar and mix well after each until the sugar melts. In the end you will get a thick meringue. Prepare 4 baking trays. Cut 4 discs of baking paper that are placed in each of the trays. Put about a slice of meringue on each disc. Bake for an hour. After an hour, turn off the oven and leave the meringue there for another hour with the door ajar.

The chocolate cream is prepared as follows:

Melt the white chocolate with 50 ml of sour cream. Stir and set aside to cool. The mascarpone cream should be at room temperature. Mix a little and gradually add white chocolate and vanilla essence. Give cold cream.

Beat the whipped cream with a teaspoon of vanilla sugar and incorporate it into the mascarpone cream. The cream is divided between the 4 countertops, in equal amounts. Between the tops, over the cream, you can put berries. Sprinkle coconut flakes on top.

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I hope you try it, it's very good :).

Chestnut cream rules! I'm crazy about the sweets they contain!

It has a special aroma with chestnut cream. I like:).

look great! I wanted to congratulate you for collaborating with those from & # 8222Sweets for everyone & # 8221!

Thank you very much! Did you buy the magazine? I still haven't managed to buy it :).

March 8 seems like a good opportunity to try this cake for friends

Yes, it's easy to do, I hope you succeed!

Here's how you make me do my Carrefour program today! : P I'm going on a chestnut cream hunt. I hope the cake turns out well: P

I hope you will write to me if you came out and if you liked it!

looks great! it must be absolutely delicious!


It looks very good and it is not very complicated, I think I will try it too.

bravoooo, I love chestnut cream and I'm glad I found the recipe on your blog, amalia I'm your fan in terms of culinary blogs, you are full of super cakes and easily detached from what I tried, they were appreciated by me. Keep it up, congratulations and kiss you as many delights as possible

Iuliana, thank you for your trust: 0, I don't like complicated cakes and in addition I like the variety in the kitchen & # 8230pup too!

Thank you for existing!
I tried this cake, it is very good! I tried a few more recipes from you on the blog, great!

I'm glad for the success, I hope you try other recipes!

Congratulations on everything you do, another cake that from my own experience I say is very good & # 8230 & # 8230..Amalia, I want to challenge you, because you are skilled, modest and nice (I have a feeling that you will catch my challenge): I saw on the net, on a site 2 cakes, which are definitely tareeee delicious, but do not have the recipe of the given ingredients, I do not have much time to bother with guessing - weights & # 8230 I thought maybe I make you research, and I come to everything ready & # 8230. ))))) I was joking, of course, but honestly, those cakes would look very good on your blog, you would give them names as you wish & # 8230 & # 8230 they can be found on PRAJITURICUDRAGOSTE.RO they are called: cake with love, golden cake (the latter resembles the Egyptian cake, in my opinion). do not publish it, stay between us & # 8230.BAFTA.

Hello! an idea, where do I find chestnut cream? I don't carefour in town. thank you!

Frozen chestnut puree is usually found in supermarkets & # 8230

Esterhazy cake with walnut recipe video

Esterhazy cake with walnuts or Hungarian cake flavored with butter cream and meringue sheets. Like the Sacher cake, it is a specialty created at the royal courts. And not only that, the Sacher Cake and Esterhazy Cake recipes are made with apricot jam.

The original Esterhazy Cake recipe provides for the use of ground almonds which in current recipes have been replaced by roasted and ground walnuts.

For flavor I used Kahlua liqueur, a coffee flavored liqueur but you can use any kind of liqueur, brandy, amaretto, rum or cognac. Another option for me is Disaronno an almond flavored liqueur. If you do not want to use alcohol you can limit yourself to the essence of coffee, almonds or rum.

For the cream I used vanilla pods and for the white glaze the vanilla essence. If it is easier for you, you can also use the essence for the cream, but the pod is much more aromatic.

How to make Esterhazy cake with walnuts? This cake recipe is prepared with meringue sheets with walnuts, not with a cake top. Exactly 5 walnut sheets topped with butter cream flavored with coffee liqueur and walnuts, all beautifully covered with heated apricot jam.

Esterhazy cake is one of the most refined cakes, but I will leave you the links to the most popular recipes: Chocolate cake, diplomat cake and apple cake.

Meringue cake with walnut and pink chocolate icing - ideal for a romantic surprise

  • Meringue cake with walnut and chocolate (Maria Matyiku / Epoch Times) meringue cake with walnut and chocolate

The meringue cake with walnut, glazed in pink chocolate and decorated with rose petals, brings an extra finesse and romance on those special occasions, when you want to surprise your loved ones in a pleasant and unique way.

The meringue cake with chocolate-covered walnut is rich, particularly fine and fragrant. The recipe for this cake is an older one, being one of the most beloved sweets in interwar Bucharest, a period influenced mainly by French cuisine. This walnut cake is a variant of the famous Marjolaine cake, created by Fernand Point, a well-known French chef of that period.

In the original recipe, the cake was coated in chocolate cream and garnished with cherry jam or candied orange peel. The finish of the cake can be adapted according to the occasion and the imagination of each one.


For meringue sheets: 8 egg whites, 250 g sugar, a pinch of salt, 250 g ground nuts, 1-2 tablespoons of flour or fine breadcrumbs.

For the cream: 8 egg yolks, 8 tablespoons sugar, a sachet of vanilla, juice of half a lemon, 250 g butter at room temperature, 2 tablespoons cocoa.

For the chocolate icing: 250 g white chocolate, 100 g whipped cream, 20 g butter, a few drops of red dye in gel form or a little beetroot juice.


The oven is heated to 150 C (300F).

Use a large tray measuring 33X46 cm or two baking trays measuring 23X33 cm. Grease the pan very well and line it with flour, or you can use very well greased baking paper.

First separate the egg whites from the yolks and then continue with the preparation of the meringue sheets.

Using a whisk or mixer, beat the egg whites until the foam begins to harden. Add the salt powder and sugar "in the rain" continuing to beat the foam until it becomes dense and shiny.

Then add the ground walnuts mixed with a tablespoon of flour, stirring gently with a spoon, using circular movements from bottom to top. A rapid mixing will lead to the formation of air bubbles in the composition of the sheets.

The meringue composition is poured into the tray and spread evenly. The sheet is divided into 4 equal parts, drawing light lines across the width of the tray. Bake the sheet for 30 -35 minutes. If you are using 2 trays, divide the sheet composition in half. To portion the sheets, before baking, draw a long line in the middle of the tray (the baking time will be reduced by about 5-10 minutes).

In both cases, the sheets are ready when they detach easily from the walls of the tray and turn slightly brown. After the sheet has been removed from the oven, allow it to cool for a few minutes, then remove from the pan while still warm, using a knife with a long, flexible blade, otherwise the sheet may break easily. The foil is cut along the marked lines before baking. Finally, 4 rectangular sheets are obtained.

The yolks together with the sugar and vanilla are boiled on steam (in a bain-marie), stirring gently with a whisk.

When the composition becomes hot and begins to thicken, remove from the heat (when it begins to make the first bubble on top, before boiling to avoid cutting the composition). Leave the cream to cool. Cover with plastic wrap to prevent lumps from forming on top.

After the cream has cooled, gradually add the butter.

After they have been homogenized, add a little lemon juice. When ready, the cream is divided into three parts. One side is set aside.

In the remaining two thirds add 2 tablespoons of cocoa given through a sieve. Cocoa can be dissolved in a little warm milk to avoid the formation of lumps. Stir in the cream until the amount of cocoa is incorporated.

Spread half of the cocoa cream on the first sheet with a spatula. Then put the second sheet, over which the yolk cream is spread. Place the third sheet, over which the remaining cocoa cream is placed. Finally, place the last sheet. From the cream left on the bowl, spread a thin layer of cream over the last sheet, to even out the sheet and have a smooth surface for spreading the glaze.

Let the cake cool for 1-2 hours to harden the cream.

Chocolate icing preparation:

White chocolate is broken into pieces and put in a steamer (bain marie). Add whipped cream and butter and stir until the chocolate melts and becomes fluid and hot. Remove from the heat before boiling. Add beet juice or red dye until the desired shade is reached.

The cake is taken from the cold and placed on a grill, placed on top of a tray used to collect excess icing.
Pour the icing over the cake, making sure to spread it on the sides as well.

Before the chocolate hardens, decorate the cake to your liking. Because it is a romantic cake, dried rose petals, pearl candies and a few strips of candied orange peel were used to decorate it.

After the icing has hardened, the cake can be portioned and served, along with a sweet dessert wine, champagne or coffee. We wish you to enjoy it with pleasure!

Red Rose Cake

Select the weight / composition before ordering the desired product

For the compositions Bezea, Carrot cake, Emoke, Jamaica, Joffre, Mascot, Mosaic and Silvia, the price is 93 lei / kg
The cake can vary by +/- 10-15% of the required weight

cocoa syrup top, chocolate cream, diplomat cream, peanut krantz, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

3 sheets of meringue, butter cream with cocoa, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

concentrated cocoa top, cold vanilla cream mixture, chocolate cream, whipped cream and nes, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

roll sheet, diplomat cream with pineapple from compote, decorated with sugar paste

syrupy cocoa top, chocolate cream, roll sheet, diplomat cream with nes, diplomat cream with pineapple compote, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

walnut leaf, mascarpone cream, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

syrupy cocoa top, two layers of chocolate cream and cherries in alcohol, roll sheet, and in the middle, diplomat cream with compote peach, decorated with sugar paste

6 sheets of cocoa roll, milk chocolate cream, decorated with sugar paste

syrupy cocoa top, cream with chocolate and cherries in alcohol, tiramisu cream with nes and chopped walnuts, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

roll sheet, cream offers with chocolate, butter and rum flavor, decorated with sugar paste

cocoa top syrup with burnt sugar syrup, chocolate cream, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

cocoa syrup top, chocolate cream, fine paste with hazelnuts and caramelized peanuts, whipped cream and cherries in alcohol, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

roll sheet, chocolate cream, cream with apricot and whipped cream filling, decorated with sugar paste

syrupy cocoa top, chocolate cream, cold vanilla cream with compote peach, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

7 rolls, chocolate cream and rum flavor, decorated with sugar paste

walnut leaf, cocoa butter cream, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

cocoa syrup top, diplomat cream with cherries in alcohol, diplomat cream with cocoa and cherries in alcohol, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste


Butter cream cake with Swiss meringue and raspberries, a pleasant sensory experience, like the promise of a journey through fairytale lands. The pleasure of discovering the taste and aroma of raspberries will reward every teaspoon of this cake.


(for a cake with a diameter of 20 cm)

For the countertop:

For the cream:

220 g frozen (or fresh) raspberries

300 g cold butter& # 8211 80% fat

optional: pink or red food coloring

For syrup:

a few drops of lemon essence

For decoration:

3 boxes of wafer daisies

Mix whole eggs with sugar, at maximum speed, 20-25 minutes, then gently incorporate the flour, stirring from the bottom up. Divide the dough into 2 trays with a diameter of 20 cm, level it slightly, possibly slice the table trays a little until the air bubbles come to the surface, then bake the 2 countertops for 20-25 minutes in the preheated oven at 180 ° C (electric oven with ventilation ). We do not open the oven door at this time!

Let the countertops cool in the oven, leaving the door ajar. We will cut them in half, to get 4 tops, only when the cake is assembled. After baking the tops we can start preparing the cream. Boil the raspberries with 100 g of sugar until the syrup starts to thicken, as for the jam. Strain to remove the seeds & # 8211 rub well with a spoon to get as much fruit pulp & # 8211 we will use only the thick syrup.

We prepare 2 dishes to prepare the meringue (like baine-marie). The water in the pot on the fire should not touch the bowl with egg whites, everything will be prepared only by steaming, keeping the heat on medium heat. Put the egg whites with the sugar in the bowl on top and start mixing until the meringue turns white and the sugar is melted. Remove from the heat, add a pinch of salt and mix until the meringue falls off the mixer. Add the thick raspberry syrup (optional and food coloring), continuing to mix during this time. When the bowl in which I mixed the meringue arrives at room temperature gradually incorporated cold butter (I put 6 times 50 g cut into cubes), then add the lemon juice. If the butter is not in the fridge (cold), the cream may look cut. In this case, let it cool for 30 minutes, then continue to mix it and we will notice that the texture result will change and become a fine and fluffy cream.

We prepare the syrup from the water with sugar, essence and lemon juice, we syrup very little each top, then we put the cream so that it reaches us between the four tops, but also on the outside.

Because I'm not an expert in decorations, I dressed the cake in sugar fondant and decorated it with Neapolitan daisies.

I hope you will have a pleasant sensory experience when you taste this cake!

Chocolate Cake with Butter Cream and Italian meringue

This recipe by Chocolate Cake With Butter Cream And Italian meringue it is a cake that can be dressed in different ways. It is perfect for sugar paste, but it can also be decorated with the same butter cream and meringue that is used for the filling. It is a cake that can be made for any occasion, even on holidays.

Zuzu is a 17-year-old girl who celebrated her birthday last week. Zuzu is also a ballerina. She likes cakes with cocoa top and white butter cream, so I decided to make one dressed in white sugar paste, decorated with delicate ballet shoes and inside to have cocoa top and white butter cream with meringue, made according to the Italian method.

In America, butter creams, the basic ones, are divided into several categories. The best known here is American buttercream, or American buttercream, a cream that I do not like at all, because it is extremely sweet and greasy.

The cream is made by mixing one part butter and 3-4 parts powdered sugar, to which different flavors are added, it can be vanilla, chocolate, or something else.

Unfortunately, in over 90% of stores or confectioneries, this cream does not have butter in it, but a kind of vegetable lard, made from hydrogenated oils, similar to margarine, mixed with powdered sugar, which is supposed to be more thermally stable and it stays stiff for a long time.

In addition, these cakes can stay on the table for days without spoiling. Nobody refrigerates them. Well, I swore I'd better not be a confectioner in America than sell such lethal combinations of creams.

They are so sweet that they tickle your throat when you eat them, and the vegetable lard forms a film of fat on the palate, which you can hardly get rid of!

The rest of the butter creams are actually creams from Europe, swiss cream, in which the egg whites are first cooked on a steam bath with sugar, to which butter is added, Italian butter cream with meringue, which I used in my recipe, in which the egg whites are beaten separately, to which a hot sugar syrup is added.

Beat the cream until cool, then add the butter. This helps to cook the egg whites in the composition and stabilize the cream. There are also Bain-Marie boiled creams, to which butter is added at the end, or French butter cream which is made in the same way as Italian cream, with the only difference being that egg yolks are used instead of egg whites.

You won't see many European butter creams in America, because Americans like sugar in large quantities. Because I went to confectionery school in Romania, where cakes have flavor and are less sweet than in America, I swore I would never make American buttercream.

If you didn't know by now, I'm that Romanian fighter who tries to prove to Americans that there is something else in this world besides sugar and vegetable lard, or cookies with chocolate chips.

Well, going back to our cake, we started by making ballerina shoes out of sugar paste. I found here how to make the soles and the upper part of the ballerinas. I hope it will be useful. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet to see how the shoes are made, I hope you can handle it.

I put them together and left them to dry for 24 hours, after which I attached the ribbons, also made of fondant.

I made a few roses with the necessary leaves with which I decorated the edges of the cake and a few butterflies, which the guests devoured in an instant.

The cake had a layer of orange jam inside, the top was lightly syruped with a sugar syrup infused with candied orange peel also made by me and the Italian butter cream that I told you about.

The aromas intertwined delicately and the combination, although they found it unusual, they liked. Many of the guests had never tasted sugar paste before. I must tell you that I tried different companies that make sugar paste, until I found a paste that is easy to work with and also good in taste.

Wilton, in America, is the leading company that produces utensils for decorating cakes, and is in fact the variant of the SME in Europe. Wilton's sugar paste is a commercial one, very processed and with a horrible taste. Personally, I couldn't work with it and if I can't eat it, I didn't want to punish anyone by serving them an inedible thing.

Finally, before I give you the recipe, I would like to say that I am convinced that Romanian housewives have different recipes for countertops and creams with which they can embed a cake like this. This recipe is, however, typical American. It seemed easy to make and suitable for a quick cake when we don't have time for complicated recipes.

Italian butter cream is a bit more complicated to make, because you will need a candy thermometer to measure the temperature of the syrup, but with a little care, you will succeed. It is a tasty, basic cream, to which different flavors can be added, in other words, quite versatile.

Video: Φανταστικό κέικ σοκολάτας με άρωμα καφέ. Loukoumaki


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