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Spanish tortilla / omelet

Spanish tortilla / omelet

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We clean the potatoes, we wash them and we cut them into thin strips (we cut the potato in 2 lengthwise, then each half also in 2 and with the help of a knife we ​​cut thin strips (photo)).

Put the oil in a pan and when it is very well heated, put the potatoes with a little salt and stir from time to time until the potatoes are soft (they should not be fried).

Lightly remove the potatoes with a spatula in a strainer (to remove the excess oil that remains) and lightly press with a spoon, leave for about 5 minutes.

In a bowl beat eggs well with a little salt, add salted cheese about 2 tablespoons (if you like) and put this potato over this composition. Mix lightly with a fork until everything is well blended.

Put 2-3 tablespoons of oil in a pan, and when it is well heated, put the obtained composition and level it slightly to give it a beautiful shape.

To turn it, we use a plate, which we put face down in the pan and turn it with the pan, then we put it back in the pan to fry on the other side.

At the end we take it out on a plate and it is served with a salad. We served with cucumbers in vinegar.

Good appetite!

Because I used a temperature-controlled frying pan, I added sliced ​​onions and bell peppers to the pan over which I placed the sliced ​​sweet potato. I covered with the smart lid, left the pot on low heat and waited for the indicator to reach the beginning of the green area.

Basically at this point, the vegetables are cooked in their own juice, without having to fry according to the classic method in about 200 ml of oil.

Beat the eggs well together with the chopped parsley and add over the vegetables when the potato is soft (10 minutes). I now sprinkled the two teaspoons of coconut oil.

I covered the pan again for another 10 minutes, and finally I got this very fragrant, full and tasty breakfast!

When cooking in a closed circuit and at low temperatures, the nutrients are kept inside the pot, and the natural taste of the ingredients is more intense.

Why did I choose this pan and what is the difference?

The difference is made by the base of the vessel, it is acutermal, but thinner than normal, to accumulate heat even faster. The modification was specially designed to improve the performance of the frying pan. The inner surface with pyramidal patterns guarantees that the food will not stick.

It's so simple to prepare the famous Spanish omelet, the potato tortilla, in a much more dietary version, excluding frying and still getting a plate worthy of the project. "Breakfast around the world"

To remove the omelette from the pan, cover with a large plate and turn the dish over.

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Are you looking for the best omelette recipe? Fluffy omelet has become one of the most beloved dishes in the world because it can be cooked in.

Potato tortilla is a Spanish dish known around the world, which is very versatile. It can be served hot.

International studies show that 25% of a child's energy is given by a quality breakfast. I read these studies, but not in them.

Breakfast is the most important, and eggs at breakfast are indicated by any nutritionist as the most complete food that we.

Chilli con carne is a spicy Spanish stew, which is prepared with peppers, meat and beans. The preparation is specific to Latin culture.

Patatas bravas is a dish specific to Spanish cuisine, which is, in fact, french fries, served as tapas and covered with a.

The Spanish omelette, or Tortilla Espa & ntildeola, originated in Catalonia, and has entered the Spanish culinary tradition since the 17th century.

After a tiring day at work, all you want is to quickly prepare something tasty that will satisfy your hunger. I suggest an omelet.

This omelette recipe with Spanish potatoes is very easy to prepare. This recipe is one of the most popular recipes in Spain. You can find it in any bar and any housewife knows how to prepare it. One better and one worse, as in the case of Romanian networks.

I had the opportunity to eat it in many areas of Spain and in each area it has its tricks. Everyone learned from their grandparents.

The technological process as a whole is the same. But there are some small details that make the difference between them. And appearance is important, but the most important thing is the taste of the omelet. I ate in omelet bars that were 3 fingers thick, but had no taste. That's why in the video below I show you step by step how to prepare this Spanish omelette, to get the best possible taste. I explained the same to you in the paella recipe.

Spanish potato omelette

What should a Spanish potato tortilla look like?

For my taste it should be as I explain in this video from the pilgrimage to the camino de santiago. Slightly crispy on top and juicy on the inside. Not everyone succeeds like that. In the video below I show you step by step how you can prepare this Spanish tortilla to turn out the way you want. If you want it juicier inside, put it in the hot pan and do not leave it for more than 2 minutes before turning it over. After turning it over, leave it for between 30 seconds and a minute, depending on how hot the pan is and take it out. you will get the best Spanish potato omelette.

Please write to me in the comments if you have tried this recipe. I'll let you see the video recipe.

BLOG / Tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelet)

According to folklore, the Spanish omelette dates back to 1817, being created by General Tomás de Zumalacárregui to feed his army, the supplies and food diversity being precarious at that time. The basic ingredients are eggs and potatoes. Since then and until now, different regional variants have been created, by adding chorizo, mushrooms, zucchini or peppers, being often served as tapas in Spanish restaurants.


Method of preparation:

Peeled and washed potatoes are cut into quarters, then thinly sliced. Boil for 10 minutes, from the moment the water (with salt) starts to boil. After boiling, drain the potatoes.

Cut the onion into small pieces and put them to harden in 25g oil over low heat, in a non-stick pan. When the onion has softened, add the boiled potatoes and cook together for another 5 minutes. Season to taste.

In a bowl, break the eggs and beat, then add the potato mixture with onions, incorporating everything.

In a medium-sized non-stick pan, add 5g of oil, leave to heat, then pour the mixture. Put the lid on and simmer for 7 minutes. With the help of a plate, turn the omelette on the other side and let it cook for another 3 minutes.

We served it with cheese and vegetables.

Nutritional values:

From the proposed quantities come 3 servings, and the nutritional values ​​per serving are the following:

Spanish potato omelette (tortilla de patatas)

  • 4-7 suitable potatoes
  • 0.5 large white onions
  • 4 large eggs
  • frying oil
  • salt and pepper

Cut the potatoes into small cubes. Put the oil in the pan and when it has heated up, put the potatoes.

When they are almost fried, add onions. Now you can add salt.

Fry a little until golden brown and add the beaten eggs.

When they are fried on one side, gently slide the omelette into a plate and return with the undone side to the pan.

Spanish omelet with ham and cheese

1. In a deep frying pan, heat 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil. In the oil put the diced potatoes and the onion cut into large scales.

2. Sprinkle a little salt and turn the potatoes continuously for 10-15 minutes, until soft.

3. When the potatoes become soft, crush them with a wooden spoon until you get a homogeneous consistency.

4. Combine mashed potatoes with eggs and salt to taste.

5. Grease the same pan with a little oil and pour a third of the composition once the oil has heated up. Spread it evenly, then place 4 slices of cheese, the 4 slices of ham, then 4 slices of cheese.

6. Pour the rest of the Spanish omelette composition on top and distribute it evenly.

7. After about 5 minutes, when the omelette has taken shape and browned on the bottom, turn it using a plate, then put it back in the pan, with the unbleached side down.

8. Leave the Spanish omelette on medium heat for another 5 minutes and then take it out on the plate and serve immediately.


Potato tortilla & # 8211 Spanish omelette with potatoes and onions. It is a simple, quick, easy to prepare recipe and is an excellent way to turn some common ingredients into something tasty that you will want to keep trying.

There are recipes for Potato tortilla & # 8211 Spanish omelette with potatoes has onions in the list of ingredients, others not, but most of the ones I found had onions. I chose the onion version, I find it much tastier.

I kept reading and searching the internet what types of potatoes go best for the tortilla. While some recommend floured potatoes and others red ones, I came to the conclusion that it can be prepared with any type of potato you have at home. If you have a craving for potato tortillas, you will not consider this an impediment, so enjoy an extremely simple and tasty meal with what you have at home.

The relative of this Spanish omelet is frittata Italians. The difference between the two is that the omelette starts to be cooked on the fire, but is finished in the oven.

I prepared one too potato tortilla with sausages. I cut it into cubes that I stuck in wooden chopsticks for skewers. My friends were very pleased with my idea.

In Spain it can also be found under the names potato omelette, Spanish tortilla or potato tortilla.

Tortilla patatas & # 8211 Spanish potato omelette & # 8211 can be eaten hot, but it also goes cold.

Potato tortilla & # 8211 Spanish omelette with potatoes It is considered a traditional Spanish food, but potato omelette with which I grew up brings with it. It tastes very good and can be accompanied by lettuce, but I also put next to it tomato salad with grated telemea. It was a perfect dinner for us.

To make a potato tortilla Hi, the potatoes are fried in a generous amount of oil, but they end up in very little. The oil must be olive and I recommend using it for an authentic taste, but if you think it is too expensive and you do not have it at home, use sunflower oil.

The basic idea is the one I present below and I invite you to enjoy it at a simple and tasty dinner.

Here is the list of ingredients and how to prepare it potato tortilla & # 8211 spanish omelet with potatoes presented step by step:


350 g potatoes (peeled)
1 medium-sized onion
200 ml olive oil + oil for greasing
6 eggs husband

Peel the potatoes and cut them into thin slices, wash, wipe and dry with a paper towel. Heat the oil in a deep non-stick pan and put the fried potato, over medium heat, in the hot oil. They come back from time to time to be well done on both sides. Potatoes should be covered with oil. After 15-20 minutes, or when they start to soften, add the onion.

Continue frying until the potatoes and onions are well done, golden, without browning too much. During this time, beat the eggs with a pinch of salt in a bowl.

Remove the potatoes and onions in a strainer, leave to cool slightly, then place over the beaten eggs, add a little more salt and freshly ground pepper and mix so that all the potatoes come into contact with the eggs.

In a frying pan with a smaller diameter (18 cm) heat 2 tablespoons of the oil in which the potatoes and onions were fried, then pour the mixture of eggs and fried potatoes with onions. If you do not have more pans or you do not want to dirty another pan, drain the oil in which you fried, keeping only 2 tablespoons. If you use the same pan, after draining the oil you must wipe the pan with a paper towel, it must be clean. But, if you use a smaller pan you will get that beautiful round and tall shape.

During frying, you can try to take the liquid egg from the middle, pulling it with the spatula towards the edge, where it cooks faster.

Brown the tortilla on both sides, taking care to turn it whole. A plate is used for this. Place over the tortilla, then turn in the air quickly, the bottom of the pan being on the plate at the top. Put it lightly, back in the pan, with the unroasted side down and continue cooking for another 3-4 minutes or until golden and at the bottom.

Allow the potato tortilla to cool, then it can be cut with a sharp knife into long and thin slices.

Traditionally the potato tortilla is served with hot baguette and lettuce, and I hurry to make the salad and enjoy this Spanish potato omelette.

I hope you will try it too, so I wish you a good appetite!

I invite you to follow me on the channel YouTube. Don't forget to press the bell to be notified when I post a new recipe.

I also invite you to the group I cook with friends - Tasty recipes.

Spanish Omelette - Potato And Onion Tortilla

I saw that there are quite a few of us who also post trams in other lands than the Mioritic ones: ripple: And as I live in the sunny Iberian Peninsula, I thought of posting a typical recipe from here, which can fall into this category: d. It's mundane, but super delicious!

Potatoes, onions and eggs have more and more people in the pantry. Here is what the Spaniards did with them: the cartons are cut into rounds, the squares as fine as possible, the onion is also chopped into smaller pieces or juliennes. They are boiled in hot oil - don't think that it has to be olives, sunflower or rapeseed goes - stirring carefully from time to time so that it doesn't stick to the bottom.

When they are boiled, that is, they are made like a paste, they are passed through a strainer and allowed to drain and cool a bit. Separately, in a larger bowl, beat eggs as for any omelet. A pinch of salt, but be careful because I forgot to tell you that you have to put a pinch of salt to boil the potatoes! When the potatoes have cooled, add them over beaten eggs and chew a little more.

Separately, heat a frying pan with a little oil, you can use from the previous oil. The pan should have a flat bottom and straight walls, and its diameter should be suitable for a plate that you will use as a lid when turning the omelet: lol: Put the mixture in the pan, on the right heat, you can mix a little to coagulate the eggs, adr it is best to move the pan a bit like a pot of ed sarmale, sic!

When you feel that it has coagulated enough at the bottom of the pan and a crust starts to form on the edge, put the pan aside, put the plate as a lid and carefully turn it over! You will have the cooked part on top, if you think you need more oil, add a little more, and let the "wheel " slide back into the pan.

When the other side is baked, try the plate trick again to make sure it's cooked and you don't have a raw egg in the middle. I put it in the microwave for 2 minutes sometimes :? Once ready, wait for it to cool a bit and you can cut it like slices of cake and enjoy! It can also be eaten cold or microwave heated.

It can be used as a side dish for any other dish or as such with salad, mayonnaise and garlic, etc. it's delicious!
I put medium complexity because not even the Spaniards always succeed :))
As such, with salt, mayonnaise, garlic mayonnaise, in a salad sandwich, or as a garnish for meat! Good appetite!


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