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Stress-free Christmas: your ultimate equipment checklist

Stress-free Christmas: your ultimate equipment checklist

With Christmas fast approaching, now’s a great time to check you’re stocked up with all the kit you need to cook up a storm on the big day.

Use our handy kitchen checklist to get these essentials on standby and you’ll find prepping and cooking Christmas dinner a breeze…

Having a blender on hand will help you blitz up leftovers to make soup in no time.

These bad boys are going to be essential for grabbing things out of the oven when you can’t find your mitts, and of course for the worst part of Christmas dinner – washing up.

Checking your turkey is the right temperature will help you cook it to juicy perfection, without worrying about whether it’s over- or undercooked. Insert it into the thickest part of the thigh where you want the internal temperature to reach 70ºC.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a bit of home baking. Line your tins and trays with baking paper to avoid things sticking (and to reduce washing up!).

If you’ve got lots of leftover butter from Christmas, try smashing it up in a pestle and mortar with fresh herbs and garlic. Then, roll it up in greaseproof paper to form a log shape and pop in the fridge for future meals. You could also try Jamie’s gorgeous cranberry Christmas butter recipe.

Chaos in the kitchen is a Christmas rite of passage. For many, it’ll be the most people you’ll have in your kitchen at once all year, so chances are there’ll be some spillages. Have some kitchen paper nearby to mop them up quickly and all will be well.

An essential for everyday cooking, from stirring gravy to spooning sneaky tastes of sauces.

Save faffing around with tupperware for midweek meals. After dinner, simply wrap some clingfilm over your leftovers and pop them in fridge – then return to your Christmas day!

Cover your turkey with strong tin foil for the first part of cooking to ensure it stays lovely and juicy, then cover it again when it’s resting with tin foil and tea towels for up to 2 hours, giving you plenty of time to crack on with everything else.

Perfect for draining veggies and spuds, and crucial for chuffing and fluffing up those spuds ready for roasting.

It might seem like a bulky bit of kit to have around at such a busy time, but a food processor will come in super-handy when you’re prepping Christmas dinner.

For stock, gravy and generally measuring out your liquids, a good jug is essential.

To slap a quick egg wash over over your lovely pastry dishes.

To dish up the big meal! Have a good one on hand that you can use for everything.

Use a fine grater to grate horseradish over smoked salmon, lemon or orange zest into your stuffing, or nutmeg into your bakes.

Use a ladle to serve up scoops of gravy on the big day and soup made with leftovers after the main event.

A good set of tongs could be the most handy utensil of them all – great for lifting the bird out of the roasting tin and transferring to a platter to rest, allowing all the juices to run out of the cavity into the veg trivet. They’ll also come in useful for turning roasties during cooking and serving carved turkey.

You’re likely to be peeling a lot of spuds so a good speed peeler is essential! It’ll also come in handy after Christmas for making delicate salads to accompany your leftovers or for parties.

When it comes to great gravy, a sieve is your best friend. Simply push all the goodness through so you’re left with a lovely, smooth gravy to accompany the most important feast of the year.

For cutting into packaging and snipping string off your turkey.

Great for baking and separating ingredients, it’s well worth having a few different-sized mixing bowls on hand over the festive season.

Kitchen string will come in handy when you’re tying up Christmas puds or porchetta.

A decent set of scales is a life-saver in the kitchen. Use them to weigh out ingredients for cakes, bakes and stuffings.

Think about how many roasting trays you’ll need for the main meal – and don’t forget the roasties! It’s also important to check that you’ve got a tray big enough for your turkey (and that both your tray and the turkey will fit in your oven!).

It’s always good to have a great set of knives, but it’s particularly important at Christmas when you’re often prepping lots of different dishes. We suggest having a bread knife, a carving knife, a chef’s knife, a paring knife and a couple of utility knives to hand.

An absolute must-have to avoid ruining your work surfaces. Use different coloured boards for meat, fish and veg to avoid any Christmas mishaps! And remember – secure your chopping board by placing a damp cloth underneath, this will keep it in place for safe chopping.

A First Time Grower’s Checklist To Essential Indoor Growing Equipment

Cannabis plants are called weed for a reason. They are persistent growers that will sprout and flower even in untoward conditions. In fact, some growers have found success in doing the bare minimum yet enjoy a relatively modest yield. Still, would it not be great to pluck more than a few ounces of buds after each harvest?

The truth is, cannabis performs better in an optimal environment. It yields vigorously and each bud is more potent than that of indigenous landraces. It can be difficult to recreate favorable conditions outdoors, but it is possible indoors – especially with the advancements made in the indoor growing industry over the years.

With the right equipment, it is possible to replicate an indoor set-up that makes headway for superb growth that helps marijuana achieve better yields and higher potency. Tools are also available so growers can routinely check the cannabis’ environment. In this way, the plants do not run into problems or extreme stress while performing their best.

Investing in the right growing materials is crucial, but the task can be quite daunting for beginners who have no idea where to start. Thankfully, we are here to lift that off with a catalog of beginner-friendly equipment recommendations.

An Easy Christmas Dinner Menu

For some people in the U.S., Christmas dinner is one of the biggest meals of the year, along with Easter and Thanksgiving. This meal can involve lots of preparation from shopping to food prep, and from serving to cleaning up. Often, the host ends up frazzled, collapsing into their chair at the dinner table.

But it doesn't have to be that way! By following this very easy Christmas dinner menu, you will be able to relax and enjoy the meal without a lot of work beforehand. We've included time-saving, easy recipes for appetizers, main dishes, sides, desserts, and even a couple of festive holiday cocktails to enjoy.

Just choose your favorites from this round-up of the easiest-ever holiday recipes to create the ultimate Christmas dinner menu that's not only delicious but will earn you plenty of compliments as a fabulous host or hostess.

So whether you're a beginner cook, or have more experience under your belt and just don't want to spend too much time cooped up in the kitchen this holiday season, we've got you covered for your Christmas dinner menu with these simple, scrumptious, time-saving recipes.

How to download or read online Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Equipment book?

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9 Stress-Free Ways to Share the Family Car

Car sharing with your crew doesn't have to be a compromise.

Your teen driver just got keys to the car, but no need to panic! Here are our tips to help make sharing the family vehicle easy, safe and smart.

Who fills the gas tank? Who has priority when everyone needs the car? Do all drivers contribute to maintenance and insurance costs? Are there penalties for getting a ticket, and who pays for them?

Knowing the answers (and consequences) can head off sticky situations and get younger drivers thinking about their obligations.

Not only do you want to make sure you have enough to cover the car if it's damaged, but if your family is sharing a single car, you may want to add rental car coverage for the time your car is out of service.

Set up Bluetooth, Siri eyes-free or other hands-free communication in the car. And to locate a teen driver without calling to see where he is, invest in a service like hum by Verizon. For $10 a month (plus equipment, taxes and fees), the technology can identify your car's location, create speed alerts and even monitor its fuel economy.

Make scheduling a regular family conversation so everyone's in the loop and no one's caught without a ride. Apps like Google Calendar and Cozi can help out too. Everyone can access it and get a notification when a new event is added.

Forgot the last time you rotated your tires? No worries &mdash hum's smart car system will send you a text when it's time, plus let you know when to change your oil and other maintenance reminders to keep car trouble at bay. (And if your engine light does come on, the hum app helps decode exactly what's happening.)

You still want to discuss how to handle emergencies like a flat tire or blown radiator that will take the car out of service. Get a roadside assistance plan &mdash hum offers this service too &mdash and make sure that all drivers know how to use it.

Create a schedule for drivers to rotate car cleaning and maintenance, or designate a time when you'll clean it together. Charge each driver with providing cleaning supplies or completing a maintenance task when it's time.

Open a family Uber account or enlist nearby family members or friends for ride sharing so no one is left stranded or without transportation if plans change suddenly.

Some driver's ed programs include a parent class, which is an easy way for adults who have been on the road for a long time to get up to speed on the new rules quickly. Find driver education information on your state's DMV site.

Even with ground rules, shared schedules and open communication, it's good to verify that the car is being used as intended. If you've set neighborhood boundaries for your teen driver, for instance, hum can help by sending you a text if the car leaves a designated geographical area.

A Week-by-Week Countdown to Christmas in 2020

Holly, jolly! Come see our gingerbread hub!

We may not be traveling home this year, but with good cheer, a little creativity and an internet connection, we can celebrate Christmas from wherever we are. And the key to prepping, cooking and serving a stress-free Christmas dinner is planning ahead. However you decide to celebrate, our timeline will help you stay organized and on track for a very merry holiday!

4 Weeks Before Christmas

If only Zoom came with Smell-o-Vision!
  • Decide how many virtual get-togethers you want to organize. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or both? Dinner with family?Cocktails andcheese tasting?Pre-gift-opening breakfast?Post-gift-opening brunch? (Check out our themed gift crates for easy party-in-a-box solutions to virtual entertaining.)
  • Decide which technology to use. Make sure you understand the app and confirm it will support the size of your group.
  • What’s the dress code: Formal? Casual? Ugly sweaters? Matching PJs?
  • Draw up your guest lists.
  • Send out Paperless Post invites for your gatherings – be sure to include all details, plus Zoom or GoogleMeet info.
  • For a totally relaxed feast, order a pre-cooked turkey and ready-to-heat sides. Order by December 13th for delivery on or before December 24th, though it’s always best to place your order early!

3 Weeks Before Christmas

A perennial fave for a reason!
  • Decide how you want to run things. For example, is everybody making the same menu?
  • Simplify your own feast or send food gifts to family and friends. We have everything from roasts and hams to cakes, cookies and an array of confections. Order now for Christmas delivery.
  • Organize your activities. Give guests a supply list or send them whatever they’ll need.
  • Create a friends/family photo slideshow you can share on-screen during your event.

2 Weeks Before Christmas

Hubba, hubba. How’s your Zoom background game?
  • Send guidelines for the technology you’re using and confirm that everyone knows how to use it.
  • People with less experience using the chosen app will appreciate basic tips or a link to a tutorial.
  • Send out a link with holiday Zoom backgrounds.
  • Create a holiday playlist that everyone can access on Spotify.
  • If you’re shopping online, make sure you’ve ordered foods for delivery.
  • Plan your table setting, serving dishes and decorations.
  • Read through all your recipes to determine the food and cooking equipment you’ll need.
  • Make your shopping and to-do lists.
  • Shop for nonperishable food items plus any cooks’ tools, cooking equipment and tableware you need.

1 Week Before Christmas

  • Set up your login, send out links, passwords – and reconfirm basic tech instructions.
  • Do a quick practice run on your chosen app to be sure older folks won’t have problems on the big day.
  • Choose some playful table topics and sent them to your guests – it’s a great way to get conversations going.
  • Send guests fun ideas for holiday activities – here are a few of our favorites.

A Few Days Before Christmas

  • Prep any food that can be done ahead of time, such as cookies, pastry, croutons and some fresh vegetables.
  • Check defrost times on frozen meats and sides, and schedule the dates and times you want to begin defrosting.

The Day Before Christmas

  • Set up your Zoom spot on Dec. 23 so that you’re ready to go by Christmas Eve – and free to take care of any last-minute errands and tasks. Make sure you’ve got all your backgrounds, table settings and other Insta-worthy details ready to go.
  • Complete your food shopping.
  • If you ordered fresh meat, pick it up or have it delivered.
  • Brine, marinade or otherwise prep meats as needed.
  • Prepare any dishes that can be made in advance, such as soups and desserts.
  • If you’re serving hors d’oeuvres or cheeses, gather the serving platters, plates and linens.
  • Chop vegetables for salads and side dishes refrigerate in covered bowls or sealable plastic bags.
  • Set the table.
  • Set out the serving bowls, platters, baskets and utensils you’ll need for all the foods you have planned – including cheeses and hors d’oeuvres.

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Roast turkey: always divine.

Your Personal Thanksgiving Planning Checklist

If you're hosting Thanksgiving for the first time—or even the tenth—getting everything organized and done in time can be daunting. How early do you need to order your turkey? Which items can you make ahead and freeze? It can be hard to know where to start.

That's why we created this handy checklist. We've divided it week by week, leading up to the final stretch, when we have a plan for each day. Print it out and post it on your fridge.

So relax and take a deep breath: Here's your long—but completely attainable—to-do list:

This is the time to brainstorm—let your creativity flow as you consider these questions, which will shape your plans:

1. Think about the general feel you want for your gathering: Big, casual, and kid-friendly? Intimate, elegant, and grown-up? This will help you decide how many people to invite.

2. Invite guests. Try to get an approximate head count to start the planning below, but if people need time to figure out their plans, ask them to tell you by next week.

3. Start planning your menu. Think about what kind of meal you want to have. Are there classics that everyone would miss if they weren't included? Want to try something new this year? Is there a specific turkey recipe you want to use? Do you want a special type of bird, such as a heritage or kosher turkey? (This can affect what recipe you can use—for more on different types of turkeys, see our turkey primer.)

4. Based on your general ideas for the menu, figure out what's doable. Are you willing and able to make everything yourself, or are you going to need help? Decide whether to enlist a cohost or make it a potluck.

5. Begin to choose specific recipes. (For help creating your menu, see our Thanksgiving menu planner.) If you want guests to bring anything, discuss that with each person. You can do this before or after you choose the recipes—if you want people to contribute ideas on what to bring, ask them what they prefer and then fill in the menu around their ideas. Or, you can choose your menu and then ask people to bring specific things.

6. Think about whether you want to do anything special for decor and ambience. Will you serve your menu buffet-style or as a sit-down dinner? Do you want to make a centerpiece?

Now we get down to the details—this is the week to turn your ideas into a concrete plan and make shopping lists:

1. Once you have a final head count, finalize the recipes in your menu.

2. Working from your menu, make a shopping list of all the ingredients you'll need. Compare the list with what's in your cupboards and cross out anything you already have—a do not buy list can come in very handy.

3. Also list any cooking gear you'll need that you don't have.

4. Finalize your general serving plan (buffet or sit-down? Hors d'oeuvres and cocktails served beforehand in the living room?) and list any materials you'll need, such as extra chairs or linens, card tables for snacks, barware, etc.

5. Plan how each menu item will be served and list any serving equipment you'll need to buy, such as a gravy boat, carving set, or warming tray to keep items hot. Don't forget to make sure you have plenty of plates and flatware for each course.

Stress-free Christmas: your ultimate equipment checklist - Recipes

Christmas dinner can strike fear into the hearts of even the most accomplished home cooks. Whether you're cooking for just a few people or stretching your dining table to fit the whole extended family, there are always lots of questions and fears about the day. Will everything be ready on time? How do I keep the turkey from drying out? What’s the secret to the crunchiest roast potatoes, and how do I make side dishes extra special? What about pudding? Will I actually get a chance to enjoy the day without being stuck in the kitchen?

In this Great British Chefs masterclass video, top chef Richard Bainbridge (winner of Great British Menu and owner of Benedicts in Norwich) will expertly guide you through every step of cooking Christmas dinner, as if you had a professional chef right there with you in the kitchen. Starting with a little planning and organisation in the days leading up to 25 December, Richard will lead you through his foolproof festive recipes whilst his cheffy tricks guarantee the best Christmas meal you’ve ever tasted, without any of the usual stress.

So whether you’re cooking Christmas dinner for the first time or want to know how to up your game with the help of one of the country’s top chefs, this masterclass contains everything you could ever need to master what should be the most joyous meal of the year.

Click the Buy Now button to purchase this masterclass and learn the secrets to the perfect Christmas dinner!

Optimised for mobiles and tablets, enjoy over 100 minutes of Christmas dinner cooking tips and recipes for just £9.99 plus an extra 30% off when you use the promo code: 30GBCGIFT (until midnight 25 December) and a stress-free Christmas dinner to enjoy at the end of it. Download this easy to follow, step-by-step cook-along masterclass app now and learn with Richard as he guides you through each one of his top-notch Christmas dishes.

Our masterclass in a nutshell:

– Over 100 minutes of step-by-step instructional cook-along videos with top chef Richard Bainbridge on your phone or tablet

– Downloadable shopping list, plan of action tick-sheet and all the recipes you need for the best-ever Christmas dinner

17 Genius Tips and Ideas for an Effortless Outdoor Party

For a truly stress-free outdoor party and outdoor entertaining experience, you want to keep the pests&mdashand the guests&mdashfrom buzzing in your ear. Here&rsquos how to create an oasis for a backyard party where the revelers are satiated and no one gets eaten alive. With any luck, you&rsquoll be able to check everything off the party planning checklist and have some fun, too.

The best kind of backyard party has sharp outdoor décor ideas and fun outdoor activities, sure, but it also has plenty of food, abundant drink, and a slew of functional furnishings, including plenty of seating and dependable outdoor lighting. Pulling all these outdoor party must-haves together may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but&mdashmost of the time&mdashit only needs to happen once every spring or summer.

Consider the first few consistently warm weeks your sign to start prepping your outdoor space. Tackle everything from replacing bulbs for the outdoor lights to cleaning outdoor cushions in one big push, then prepare to sit back and enjoy your splendid outdoor party place. Once the heavy lift is done at the start of the season, all you&rsquoll need to do between soirees is a little refreshing your outdoor space&mdashwhether it&rsquos a backyard, a terrace, or a courtyard&mdashwill stay in good shape all season long, barring any major summer storms.

As with anything, hosting superb backyard bashes gets easier over time. The first one may be a major challenge by the end of the summer, you&rsquoll be able to pull together an outdoor party to celebrate the end of Little League, a graduation, a birthday, or whatever other toast-worthy event has just happened at the drop of a sun hat.

Whether you plan to host one backyard party or one hundred, this ultimate guide to outdoor parties will help you get there with minimal stress.


As you can see, the checklist has much to offer you in your life. These lists can reduce stress simply by carefully laying out what it is you need to do, when you need to do it. They work with anything from keeping track of your personal health care needs, to what to bring with you on a camping trip. These visual aids keep us reminded of specifics that we might otherwise forget. We have included ways to make simple lists in Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as the preferred option of simply downloading a template and customizing it. Which ever way you choose, be confident that the checklist will make your life simpler, more streamlined and easier to manage.

New Content [ edit | edit source ]

Part 1: New Extra Story - Theresa's Everlasting Memory

  • An extra story with 4 chapters will be available
    • Birth of Hatsume
    • Regretless Guardianship
    • Rebellious Lamentations
    • Intel Entry

    Part 2: World's Cuest Valkyrie - Theresa, Attack!

    • A rank Valkyrie Valkyrie Pledge
      • Psychic type, middle ranged Theresa character that has the power to immobilize enemies.
      • Mecha type, middle ranged Theresa character that tears enemies up, causing them to bleed.

      Part 3: Summertime Battle
      In the heat of summer, principal Theresa has decided to take the Valkyries of St. Freya High School to the southern seas for a little vacation, but who knows what could happen.

      • All new Faction Battle game mode
        • Select your faction and battle together for treasure and win swimsuit costume rewards
        • Kiana's Sunny Beach, Himeko's Black Mamba, and Yae Sakura's Summer Dream costumes are waiting

        Part 4: Equipment Update

        • Server time has been added to the Captain's info menu.
        • The friend invitation system is now online. Captains can invite new friends to play the game from the Friends menu.
          • There will be rewards available for recruiting new friends.
          • This feature is not related to the Standard Supply's over all 1.5% S-rank character droprate.
          • In following optimizations after the update, the Japanese voiceovers will also be added.
          • Captains will be interact with more characters later.
          • The challenge missions to equip the Desert Eagle and Hannah stigma have been changed to equipping weapons and stigmata of any rarity.
          • The challenge missions to upgrade the Desert Eagle and Hannah stigma can be still collected now even when the items are upgraded past the mission objective requirements.
          • Fixed an issue in Sakura Samsara where the bonus damage dealt from a stealth attack would alert surrounding enemies.
          • Fixed an issue where incorrect materials would be gained from salvaging Warning stage weapons.

          Part 7: Game Improvements

          • Special Effects
            • Some in-battle special effects have been adjusted. Settings for these new effects as well as the option for turning off the damage numbers display can be changed under "Settings"--"Other."
            • Character fragments will now enter the discount pool in the Logistics Terminal, and will be also added to the basic materials purchase area.
            • Various purchase limits in the shop have been uniformly increased.
            • Common EXP materials and 1-star upgrade materials can now be purchased with coins.
            • The option for quick select has been added for Armada Commissions, Base construction, and equipment upgrades. If you don't have sufficient materials, there will be an option to jump to the corresponding shop and the item needed will be automatically selected.
            • Added daily login mission.
            • Stage completion missions added for Captains Lv.15 and below.
            • Stamina missions have been adjusted to activate at Lv.10 rather than Lv.20.
            • The level limits for 100 and 150 duty accumulation have been removed.
            • A second round of missions will be added every week and the rewards will be increased.
            • Captains Lv.20 and below now have Armada Commission, item purchase, and coin exchange missions. There are more available daily missions, making it easier to reach and complete the daily duty rewards.
            • Valkyries dispatched for Base Adventures can now be used in battle and are no longer restricted from entering battle stages.
            • There is no longer a Frenzy Chip restriction for being above the recommended level.
            • The amount of EXP Captains Lv.30 and below receive for clearing a stage has been increased by 100%.

            24:00 and have been adjusted to 19:00

              This is a typo in the official patch notes. Armada bosses were originally from 19:00

            Watch the video: 8 Ύπουλα Σημάδια Για Το Άγχος u0026 Πως Να Χαλαρώσετε Σε 5