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Chops with vegetables and sausages at Crock-Pot slow cooker

Chops with vegetables and sausages at Crock-Pot slow cooker

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In a heat-resistant dish, in my case, the pieces of chop and sausages are placed in the CrockPot's bowl. Sprinkle with spices: paprika, freshly ground pepper, thyme and rosemary. Be careful not to use salt, sausages have enough salt: D.

Vegetables are cleaned, washed and coarsely sliced. Then it is interspersed between the chop pieces and the sausages. Add the wine and cook for approx. 60 minutes, covered at approx. 200 degrees in the oven or 3 hours on the High module, in the slow cooker.

It is enjoyed hot with the favorite garnish, in our case, German style dumplings made of buns, semmelknodel;)

Good luck and good luck!

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