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Watermelon Daiquiri Freezer Pops

Watermelon Daiquiri Freezer Pops

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Slices of watermelon are soaked in rum-laced daiquiri mix and then frozen on sticks for a boozy, frosty summertime treat!MORE+LESS-

Updated June 30, 2014


watermelon wedges, about 1” thick

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    Combine rum and daiquiri mix in a large zip-top plastic bag. Add watermelon wedges. Close bag and gently move it back and forth to ensure all the watermelon is soaked in liquid. Place bag in fridge for 30-60 minutes.

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    Remove watermelon from bag. Using a small, sharp knife, carefully slice a small slit in the rind of each watermelon – cut just barely through the green part to give the stick a starting point. Then slide a stick into the slit in the rind, and push it about an inch or so into the watermelon, just far enough so the stick is firm and securely holds the watermelon wedge upright.

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    Place the watermelon wedges on a small, parchment-lined baking sheet. Freeze for 1 hour. Serve and enjoy!

Expert Tips

  • Make this recipe kid-friendly by leaving out the rum.
  • Serve these yummy pops with a sprinkling of salt for extra flavor!
  • The sticks are sold as "craft sticks" at craft and big box stores.

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More About This Recipe

  • Soak watermelon in a daiquiri and what d'ya get? This frozen watermelon cocktail on a stick!

    Here at Tablespoon, we deliver a lotta super-quick crazy-clever treats that are party-ready in minutes.

    But never (I mean NEVAH) has there been a recipe this cute, this quick, or this perfect for summer.

    Like ever.

    Ready to see how quick? Prepared to see The Cute?

    Brace yourself!

    Soak watermelon slices for one hour in a bag of spiked daiquiri mix.

    Make a little slit in the rind (careful!).

    Then slide a popsicle stick in the slit and push it in until the stick is solid and can support the watermelon wedge.

    Freeze for one hour, then plate 'em up.

    There's nothing in your whole summer that'll be easier (or deliciouser) (or spikier) than these scrumptious little watermelon ice pops!

    (or cuter)

    (or refreshinger)

    (or more perfect for secret cocktailinger)

    You really need to make these!

    Brooke blogs at Cheeky Kitchen where she shares crazy simple, healthy family recipes. She joined Tablespoon to share some of her best, so keep an eye on Brooke's Tablespoon profile to see what she cooks up next!

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