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Basic Brunch Crêpes

Basic Brunch Crêpes

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Nothing is fancier or more customizable than a crêpe. Make a crêpe bar with sweet and savory options so everyone is satisfied.


Recipe courtesy of The Foodie Affair.


  • 1 Cup all-purpose flour, sifted
  • ¼ Teaspoon salt
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ Cup milk
  • ½ Cup water
  • 2 Tablespoons butter, melted and cooled
  • 1 Teaspoon vanilla (optional: add when making a sweet crepe)


Calories Per Serving58

Folate equivalent (total)27µg7%

30 Great Crepe Recipes to Conquer Your Sweet or Savory Tooth

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Crêpes are always one of the first things I teach my culinary competition students.

The reason why I chose this recipe is that we go to a competition every year where they have to come up with something on the fly.

Having a great crêpe recipe in the back of their mind will ensure that they can figure something out using that base if they need to.

Crêpes can be either savory or sweet, so I figured I would give you a few recipes to get you going.

48 Delicious Crepe Fillings That Will Rule Your Sunday Brunch!

Savory or sweet, there are tons of ways to create the most perfect of crepes. Breakfast, lunch or dinnertime dessert, there’s also a variety of times to serve them. Today we’re focusing just on the insides though, and these 48 delicious crepe fillings will rule your Sunday brunch like no other!

1. Spinach, Basil, Chicken

Mother Rimmy serves up a delicious, savory crepe filled with spinach, basil and mushrooms. There’s a sprinkling of cheese there too.

2. Sweet Cream Cheese

Learn how to whip up some sweet cream cheese filling for your crepes. Then you can have a lot of fun with the toppings. Grab the recipes at Diana’s Dishes.

3. Steak, Spinach, Mushroom

Half Baked Harvest gives us another savory treat. Steak, spinach and mushrooms come together and delight.

4. Beer, Cinnamon, Chocolate

Over at Joann Eats Well With Others you’ll find a devine concoction of beer, pumpkin and delicious cinnamon. There’s a bit of chocolate in there too.

5. Peaches & Cream

Cooking Classy gives us a classic treat when it comes to crepe filling. Peaches and cream can ignite your summertime tastes.

6. Boston Cream Pie

Who doesn’t love a slice of Boston cream pie? Have your brunch time crepes inspired by the dessert and grab the details for it at The Girl Inspired.

7. Cinnamon Mascarpone

Tara’s Multicultural Table made pumpkin crepes and then filled them with something extra special. Cinnamon mascarpone cream can make quite the bite.

8. Orange Ricotta

Orange and ricotta cheese comes together to make quite the nice combination as well. Nutmeg Notebook will show us how!

9. Bischoff Cheesecake

The Gold Lining Girl whipped up some salted caramel crepes and stuffed them with Bischoff cheese filling … how delectable and mouth-drooling do they look?

10. Peanut Butter Mascarpone

The Gold Lining Girl has a great recipe for some peanut butter filling as well. This is a staple when it comes to crepe recipes so bookmark it!

11. Berries & Cream

Berries and cream is pretty classic as well. Check out LMLD to gather all the details and start testing it out in the kitchen.

12. Pear & Hazelnut

Over at Wright Family Table you’ll find a more unique filling recipe. We’re loving this pear and hazelnut recipe for some fall-inspired bites.

13. Blueberry Sauce & Honey Whipped Cream

Diet hood shows us how to whip up some honey whipped cream, and it tastes as good as it sounds, we promise. Follow the link now!

14. Monte Cristo

Check out Taste and Tell‘s version of a crepe Monte Cristo! Ham and cheese with some raspberries too, this one is brunch time royalty.

15. Turkey Pesto

For something a bit more savory and lunchtime-friendly, try out this recipe for turkey pesto fillings. Grab it all at Chef in Training.

16. Orange Whipped Cream

Cooking with Manali takes oranges and makes a refreshing whipping filling out it. Some powdered sugar or drizzle on top can set it off quite nicely.

17. Banana Cream

Over at Food, you’ll find something classic and sweetly refined in this banana cream filling. Top off with fresh bananas, more cream or even some chocolate!

18. Ricotta, Spinach, Bacon, Mushroom

These crepes are fitting for a dinner party! Find all the details on these creamy chicken and mushroom masterpieces over at BS’ in the Kitchen.

19. Tart Cream Cheese

Here’s another staple recipe you’ll want to have stashed away. Visit Ashlee Marie and learn how to make some tart cream cheese by the weekend.

20. Strawberry, Banana, Peanut Butter

Julia’s Album mixes up strawberries, bananas and peanut butter. It really is a great way to start off your Sunday morning!

21. Bailey’s Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

The Gold Lining Girl makes a Bailey’s chocolate chip filling that is just like a refined dessert, pardon those charming green velvet crepes – perfect for St. Patrick’s day!

22. Caramel & Bananas

Drizzle and Dip makes a bananas and caramel filling that’s just as satisfying as a bananas foster dessert! It’s a bit richer and more fun than other fillings.

23. Strawberry & Orange Cream

Sally’s Baking Addiction makes something quite light and refreshing as well. Hit up summertime breakfast with this strawberry and orange cream.

24. Nutella

Nutella is synonymous with crepes, so you have to figure out this recipe too. Check it all out at Pepper Bowl.

25. Strawberry S’mores

The Recipe Rebel takes s’mores, adds some fruit and creates an amazing and unique treat. Grab the recipe now and have your family filled up by this evening.

26. Maple Cream Cheese

104 Homestead makes some maple cream cheese crepe filling that sounds heavenly. Bananas or even some crispy bacon couple top these off nicely.

27. Greek Yogurt Cream

For something a bit healthy and with some added protein, check out Natasha’s Kitchen. She’s whipping up some greek yogurt filling and you can catch the recipe now.

28. Cherry Cheesecake

Check out The Recipe Rebel for my personal favorite filling recipe of the bunch. Turn those crepes into cherry cheesecake bits!

29. Chicken & Broccoli

Here’s another lunch or dinnertime special brought to us by Creations by Kara. Chicken, broccoli and a bit of cheese too can turn into quite the tasty meal.

30. Beef, Mushroom, Rice

Let the Baking Begin has a savory beef filling recipe that we’ll all want to try out. It’ll satisfy everyone at the table.

31. Cannoli

Personal, I love a good cannoli and turning your crepe into its inspiration sounds heavenly. Check this one out over at The Recipe Rebel.

32. Creamy Sausage

Foodily makes a savory, breakfast filling that has become the must-try at the top of my list. It’s a bit creamy too, making it even more indulgent.

33. Pumpkin Cheesecake

The Gold Lining Girl created the perfect fall bite as well. Pumpkin cheesecake in crepe form can be quite a nice break from duller meals.

34. Limoncello Cheese

Vikalinka knows how to set off some fresh blueberries. Limoncello cheese inside your crepes are a must try, grab the recipe now!

35. Ricotta & Smoked Salmon

Do we have any salmon lovers reading? Beaugureau Studios shows us how to fill our crepes with some of the fresh, popular fish.

36. Sweet Coconut Cardamom

eCurry gives us one of the more unique fillings. Coconut cream and cardamom crepes can make quite the impression on your guests.

37. Egg & Sausage

Tastefully Gluten Free is whipping up some great breakfast crepes for us to dive into. Eggs and sausage fill this one up quite nicely. c7c

38. Chicken & Chive

If you like stronger flavors then try out this recipe that includes some chives. Throw in some chicken too and follow along at The Worktop.

39. Taco Meat

Mel’s Kitchen Cafe whipped up some taco-inspired crepes and we’re loving them too. Top them off just like your favorite Mexican fare.

40. Matcha Ricotta

Recipe Runner turned Matcha into the right kind of bite too. Just don’t forget the ricotta cheese in this one.

41. Ham, Swiss, Honey Mustard

Check out Easy Lunch Recipes and learn how to put that leftover ham to good use. Add some cheese and honey mustard too!

42. Raspberry Cream Cheese

All Day I Dream About Food makes raspberry cream to fill up her crepes and we’re kind of loving this one too. Tart and fresh can make the more inspiring bites.

43. Lemon Cream

Fruit goes well with crepes. Lemon infused this recipe and, again, the freshness is what we’re drooling over at Pretty Pink Apron.

44. Egg, Ham, Cheese

Natasha’s Kitchen whips up the most perfect breakfast crepe as well. Eggs, ham and cheese … even the kiddos will dive into this one.

45. Strawberries & Cream Cheese

Crunchy Creamy Sweet mixes strawberries and cream cheese. It’s classic and it’s just another one that you’ll need to put in the recipe box.

46. Coffee Mascarpone Cream

Diet hood shows us how to wake up right. Coffee mascarpone cream is all you need to start your mornings off in a brighter, more delicious way.

47. Spinach, Artichoke, Brie

Half Baked Harvest makes a super indulgent and comforting bite as well. Brie, spinach and artichokes will satisfy everyone at the table.

48. Fruit Salsa

The Gunny Sack makes some fruit salsa that can fill up your breakfast or top off your pancakes. Follow the link and snag the recipe now.

Gracie, what an amazing collection of crepe ideas! Brunch, anyone.

Each of these recipes had me spinning off on other endless possibilities. I’m new to crepes so I’ve been reading about sweet, savory, French, different flours, wheat vs buckwheat, trying to figure out the crepe part first. I haven’t looked at all of these recipes yet, but each has it’s own crepe recipe. Have you experimented with different crepes? Any input?

Kate Stackel

Step 1

In a mixing bowl add cream cheese, powdered sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest, and vanilla.

Step 2

Beat with an electric mixer until smooth. Add blueberries and smash with a fork until combined.

Step 3

Pour a dime-sized amount of canola oil into a wide round pan and spread with a paper towel. Ladle some batter into the pan and spread in a circular pattern so a thin pancake layer is formed.

Step 4

After about 2 minutes on medium heat, or until some color appears on the face-down side, carefully flip the crepe with a thin spatula and apply the cheesecake batter to 1/4 of the crepe.

Step 5

Fold the crepe in half twice and serve.

For a more savory, classic, and nutritious option, a ham and cheese crepe perfectly fits the bill. The following recipe could be duplicated with blue or gorgonzola cheese in addition to or instead of the Swiss for a less traditional but impactful flavor medley.

Make it a brunch buffet

One of the best parts about crepes is how each person can customize their own. Since it is all about the fillings, you can cater to all sorts of dietary preferences. Just lay out a variety of fillings and everyone can dress up their crepes to their own desires.

The crepes themselves can be made from all kinds of flours. I like using partially whole wheat or even oat flour since they are rich in nutrients, but you’ll find lot of ideas from these other recipes. And once you have your base, it’s time to get creative.

It’s especially amazing to incorporate fresh, seasonal produce into your crepes. Whether you are going for a sweet spread with lots of fresh fruit, or more savory choices with cheese and vegetables, pick up some of whatever is available at the farmer’s market.

Stick with the classics like cheese and mushrooms, or get creative with some of these great ideas. Either way, you are sure to have a winning spread that everyone will want to copy. Don’t forget to check out my Mango and Ricotta Crepes post for ideas on preparing the pancakes ahead of time to make everything easier.

How to Set Up a Crepe Bar

For the crepe batter:
In a large bowl, whisk flour and salt. Whisk in vanilla, eggs and egg yolks until smooth. Gradually pour in milk while whisking, and whisk until well mixed. Whisk in melted butter.

Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, and up to 48 hours.

To fry the crepes:
Preheat oven to 200ºF (95ºC). Line an oven-proof dish with a large piece of parchment paper. Remove batter from fridge and give it a gentle whisk.

Heat an 8-inch cast iron skillet over medium-low heat. Add a small amount of butter to the pan, let it melt, and swirl it to cover the bottom of the pan. Pour a small amount of the batter into the middle of the pan&mdasha small ladle works really well for this job. Immediately tilt the pan to swirl the batter so it evenly covers the bottom of the pan.

Cook until the crepe begins to get some color, about 1&ndash3 minutes. Using an offset spatula, loosen the edges of the crepe, lift it, and then use your hands to flip it (be careful not to burn yourself!). Cook until the second side begins to get some color as well, about a minute.

Transfer the crepe to the prepared dish, cover with parchment paper, and put in the oven to keep warm.
Repeat with remaining crepe batter.

Note: If you don't plan to serve the crepes immediately, don't keep them warm in the oven. Instead just keep them in a stack on a plate next to the stove and store in a resealable baggy in the refrigerator once they cool. Reheat in an oven-proof dish, wrapped in parchment paper, in a 200ºF oven for about 20 minutes.

Are you searching for an impressive Mother&rsquos Day brunch idea? Well, stop right here. I&rsquove got the perfect solution for you: A crepe bar!

Crepes are fun in and of themselves. But when you add the excitement of being able to mix and match the fillings to your heart&rsquos content, your friends and family will be giddy when they see your setup. It will bring out the inner child in them.

Let me show you some tips and tricks to successfully hosting your own crepe bar!

For the Batter: Combine eggs, milk, flour, melted butter or oil, salt, and sugar (if using) in a blender. Start blender on low speed and increase to high. Blend until smooth, about 10 seconds. Add herbs (if using) and pulse to combine. (Alternatively, you can combine the ingredients in a mixing bowl and whisk vigorously until smooth.)

To Cook: Heat a 10-inch nonstick or well-seasoned cast iron or carbon steel skillet over medium heat for 2 minutes. Lightly grease with oil or butter, using a paper towel to wipe out the excess.

Hold the pan's handle in one hand and pour in 3 to 4 tablespoons (45 to 60ml) batter, swirling and tilting pan immediately to spread batter in a thin, even layer over bottom of pan.

Let cook until top looks dry, about 20 seconds. Using a thin metal or nylon spatula, lift one edge of crepe. Grab that edge with the fingers of both hands and flip crepe. Cook on second side for 10 seconds, then transfer to a plate. Repeat with remaining batter. Fill crepes as desired (such as with butter, sugar, and lemon juice with butter and jam with ham, cheese, and eggs or with spinach and feta) and serve. Crepes can also be made ahead and stored, unfilled and wrapped in plastic, in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Reheat in a nonstick pan to serve.

Savoury Dutch Baby Pancake

A Dutch baby pancake is literally a baked pancake that can be shared between friends and family! I topped mine with wholesome greens and it’s such a simple dinner meal or appetiser.

21 of the Freshest Crepe Recipes You’ll Regret Not Trying

Fresh crepes are one of the staples of hip-hop culture (“look at those crepes” being a regular insult thrown around in freestyle battles). But, sneaker slang aside, they’re also a staple of getting a damn good breakfast into your face.

You might associate crepes with lavish desserts. But this thin pancake is much more versatile (and easier to make) than its crepe-utation would suggest.

Savory, sweet, fruit-filled, veggie-filled, meaty — these easy crepe recipes will show you all the ways you might be missing out. You can enjoy crepes all day, errrrrrrryday.

Because there’s no reason on Earth not to.

1. Easy crepes with jam or fruit preserves

Do you ever feel like the bread-to-jam ratio of toast is a bit off? Would you like never to be cheated out of your rightful jam ever again?

These jam-filled crepes have your back. They let the filling shine with plenty of fruit flavor. We love blackberry and raspberry, but you can swap in just about anything. These crepes provide just the right amount of padding for a successful jam delivery.

The recipe creator helpfully provides a gluten-free option, so no one has to feel excluded from this crepe party.

Go wild and experiment with the filling (for example, we swear by stewed apples and cinnamon in the fall), but keep an eye out for the added sugars in store-bought jams — they’re a pantry staple you should really buy organic.

2. Chocolate crepes

It takes minimal effort and ingredients to transform traditional crepes into a delivery method for chocolate. And who’s gonna argue when chocolate crepes appear in front of them?

Simply add cocoa powder and sugar (or vanilla extract). Voila! You just leveled up.

The hardest part is deciding on a topping. Fresh berries? Toasted nuts? Oh, heck, ice cream, why not?

For a filling that provides a dose of healthy fat, try almond or cashew butter. For a sweet option, Nutella or cookie butter is your friend. (And no, you don’t have to feel guilty about Nutella — here are 17 recipes that prove it.)

3. Strawberry s’more enchiladas with warm vanilla sauce

Fresh strawberries, custard sauce, toasted marshmallows… this recipe sounds too good to be true. Except it isn’t. It super heckin’ exists. And — *klaxon sound* — it has chocolate.

A step-by-step guide makes the recipe as foolproof as it is flavorful. And because the crepes are covered in marshmallows, you’ll be able to hide any mistakes anyway.

Perfect for a weekend brunch with friends or an unexpected dessert, this is a meal for the masses (or you might risk eating it all yourself).

If you’re looking for Mexican food with a twist (although calling these “enchiladas” in the first place might be a reach), look no further.

4. 2-ingredient crepes

If you love Paleo pancakes, get ready to be blown away by these simple two-ingredient crepes. Made with cream cheese and eggs, this recipe is arguably the easiest way to whip up crepes — and quite possibly the tastiest.

Simply blend the ingredients, cook in a buttered pan over high heat, and top with more butter, berries, nut butter, or anything you’re craving. You really can’t go wrong.

5. Classic French crepes

Crepes come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors, but perhaps the most classic variation is the traditional French mini-masterpiece, filled with granulated sugar and a hefty squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

If you’re a crepe newbie, this recipe is a great place to start. It breaks down every step and every potential pitfall (such as a rubbery consistency due to overcooking).

It also adds methods for making these crepes with whichever tools you have on hand. So go ahead and make that optional whipped cream mandatory. You deserve it.

6. Apple pie crepes

Share on Pinterest Photo: Unicorns in the Kitchen

There’s having pie for breakfast, which we love, and then there’s having pie filling-packed crepes for breakfast. In a crepe, it feels more like breakfast anyway. And we might just love it more.

This recipe takes inspiration from the classic pie filling but makes it healthier by sticking to the good stuff, like apples (duh), raisins, cinnamon, and walnuts.

Pro tip: Make the crepes in advance and store them in the fridge. Then, when hunger strikes, all you’ll need to do is heat them up and stuff them. Because who wants to make stuff first thing in the morning?

(OK, you might want to — so here are some quick breakfast recipes to get you going.)

7. Whole-wheat vegan crepes with apricots and ginger

While the classic crepe add-ins are all kinds of awesome (we’ve almost never said no to Nutella), sometimes you just want something different. This vegan recipe goes for apricots as the fruit of a choice and a ginger syrup as its sweet, sticky topping.

To help the ingredients bind (since there’s no egg, of course), let the batter sit for up to 2 hours before cooking. We love the earthiness of the whole-wheat flour and that touch of coconut from none other than coconut oil.

8. Coconut oil crepes

If you’re not nutters for butter, try this coconut oil crepe recipe. These crepes are made with all the usuals — eggs, milk, salt, flour. The only thing different is the oil (which actually makes for a pretty amazing, somewhat flaky texture).

To get these right, make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature before you combine them. And don’t panic if your batter has clumps — it’s the coconut oil, not spoiled milk (and it’ll melt in the pan).

9. Gluten-free keto crepes with almond flour

As Paleo, gluten-free, and delicious as can be, these crepes are for all foodivores. And they have a low carb count, so even folks who are limiting their carbs can dig in.

Made with almond flour, ghee, sea salt, and a gummy-bear-esque secret ingredient, these crepes can become savory or sweet on a whim.

Those with a sweet tooth can add vanilla extract and top with fresh berries and nut butter. On the savory side, you can fill these crepes with bacon, chives, and a handful of cheese. Or, you know, whatever the heck you want.

10. Poppy seed lemon crepes with blueberry cream cheese filling

This recipe takes crepes to a new level, producing a delicious blueberry and cream cheese filling on top of a tart yet sweet lemon poppy seed crepe.

This filling is more dessert-like, so we like to dial back the sugar and increase the protein by using Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese and skipping the powdered sugar.

To get that beloved lemon poppyseed flavor bursting through like crepe-uscular rays, simply add lemon zest and poppy seeds to the crepe batter.

When you feel super fancy and want crepes for dinner.

11. Easy crepes, eggs Benedict-style

Though we do a love a good English muffin, these folded crepes make the perfect base for the ham, hollandaise, and infamous poached eggs that make eggs Benedict so darn good.

Both poached eggs and crepes have a reputation for being tricky, but this recipe provides the perfect tips to get them just right. (Psst… one of them involves vinegar. “WHAT. ” we hear you cry. Just eat your crepes and be happy.)

We’ve got our own tricks for nailing poached eggs.

12. Chicken Florentine crepes

Crepes meet enchiladas meet dinner heaven. This low carb, keto-friendly crepe dish is all kinds of fancy and healthy.

They’re filled with shredded rotisserie chicken, cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, and still more cheese (HOORAY! CHEESE!). It’s recipes like this that make eating low carb so freakin’ easy — or, well, easier.

But it’s not just about the fats. These crepes are also filled with spinach, mushrooms, onions, and garlic, ensuring you get plenty of veggies. Is there anything this concoction doesn’t have? Only Nutella, it would seem.

This is a very pizzazz-y way to do chicken. Here are five even more pizzazz-y ways.

13. Chickpea flour crepes

Vegan and gluten-free? Sign us up. These crepes skip the tradition and instead call for combining garbanzo bean flour, water, salt, and garlic powder for the batter.

Crammed with avocado, carrots, hummus, and lettuce and topped with a homemade hemp ranch dressing, they may just be the perfect lunch.

For extra protein, add crumbled tofu. Job done.

14. Easy crepes with chicken and cheese

The key to unbreakable crepes is making a batter that’s nearly as thick as sour cream. With this recipe, you can achieve just that by whisking together eggs, salt, and sugar and gradually adding the milk and flour.

The next trick is using a pan that’s the size of the crepe you want and pouring batter into a layer that’s not too thick. From there, add chicken and cheese — cheddar and mozzarella is a great combo.

Once the cheese is melted, put it in front of yourself for noshing… if you can even wait that long.

Big cheese fan? We like cheese too. Here’s everything you need to know.

15. Savory crepes with turkey, mushroom, and Swiss cheese

This recipe reminds us of one of our favorite panini, brimming with melted Swiss cheese, shredded turkey, sautéed mushrooms, and plenty of herbs and spices. Good heavens.

Instead of plain ol’ bread, however, this recipe uses crepe batter that’s zhuzhed up with parsley, basil, and red pepper flakes, giving it more oomph than your average slice.

Use fresh turkey if you have some on hand (Thanksgiving leftovers, anyone?) or feel free to use store-bought deli slices for a less bulky bite.

16. Easy teff crepes

We’re teff-initely into these savory crepes. Inspired by the spongy Ethiopian bread injera, these crepes are meant to sop up the likes of lentils, stewed meats, and saucy veggies.

These make pretty convincing stand-ins for a fork. Yup, eating with your hands never looked this classy.

It’s super important (and tasty) to know about cuisines from around the world — it’s like learning with your mouth.

17. Savory herb crepes with hollandaise

Hooray for hollandaise, always stepping in to become the hero. The ideal topping for herb-filled crepes, this yolk-based sauce adds the perfect depth of flavor to the ham and arugula filling.

Mix things up by subbing shredded chicken for the ham and spinach for the arugula, or go full veggie with avocado slices and melted cheese. Just don’t skimp on the herbs, which are the small but mighty winners in this dish.

Hollandaise can also boost the hell out of a potato salad.

18. Savory cheese crepes

So long, stuffing. One of the few things better than cheese is cheese in crepe form.

This crepe recipe sticks to the best thing about crepes: the crepes themselves. The batter is extra special, made with loads of shredded cheddar. This results in super-soft, somewhat sharp rolls of cheesy goodness.

If you’re looking to take it up a notch, combine sour cream (or Greek yogurt) and scallions for a savory topping with a touch of extra protein.

19. Chipotle butternut squash crepes with cilantro crema

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with butternut squash. While we could certainly eat it simply roasted, we also love finding creative alternatives like these chipotle crepes with cilantro crema.

The crepe batter contains a combo of cornmeal and whole-wheat flour for extra heartiness, and the crema is a mixture of sour cream, heavy cream, and freshly chopped cilantro.

We love the recipe as is, but you can’t go wrong with added protein like black beans.

20. Spinach, artichoke, and brie crepes with sweet honey sauce

Hosted a party and now you’re stuck with tons of leftover brie? What a shame (just kidding!). Instead of eating slice after slice, use the creamy cheese in these spinach and artichoke crepes.

(No offense, plain brie. You’re still delicious. We just need a change sometimes. It’s not you, it’s us.)

The whole-wheat crepes boast garlic, red pepper, fresh spinach, marinated artichoke hearts, and some brie and Parm. A sweet honey sauce tops the whole shebang.

A word of caution: Your guests may come back for round two. So don’t give these to people you don’t like.

Brie is one of the stars of the charcuterie board — learn how to put one together here.

21. Savory crepes with meat, mushroom, and veggie filling

Love samosas? You’ll love this recipe even more. We’ve been talking a lot about French crepes, but did you know they’re all the rage in Ukraine as well?

This festive dish that often appears at weddings skips the sugar and sticks to meat and veggies to make quesadilla-like pockets stuffed to the brim with flavor.

Mayo is used to hold the filling together, but feel free to sub mustard or pesto for added flavor (not that this dish needs it). These savory delights will have you saying “I do” in a heartbeat.

Frequently Asked Questions

The batter will stay good in the fridge for up to 3 days, so feel free to make it ahead of time.

You can also use half the batter on the day you make it, then store the remainder of the batter in the fridge. Then use the other half of the batter within 3 days to make 8 fresh crepes. This is what we do at our house, since it’s just the two of us!

Yes, you can freeze leftovers for up to 2 months. Stack the leftover crepes, placing a sheet of parchment paper between each one, so they don’t stick together. Then transfer the stack to a freezer-safe bag. To defrost, place the bag in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

I recommend placing them in a dry skillet on the stove over medium heat for 60 seconds per side.

The sugar and vanilla in this recipe are so minimal that you do not need to remove them, but you’re welcome to, if you’d like.

I use this batter to make both sweet and savory crepes and have never felt like they were too sweet.


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